Preparing for a family photography session

When to schedule

Babies and toddlers are often at their best right after a sleep so try to schedule your session on a day and at a time that everyone will be most relaxed - remember to have everyone eat a light snack before the shoot as hungry little people can tend to make things a little difficult

On the Day

  • Solid colour clothing works best  except white (babies in white are not a problem), preferably without writing or branding - but if in doubt just bring it to your session.

  • Make-up and jewellery are fine, but don’t go overboard. If photographs with  baby are to be taken with only skin showing, mothers may consider not wearing a bra or wearing a bra without straps to prevent marks appearing on the skin.

  • Bring along any favourite toys to help distract children and if the shoot is in your home, try not to have too many people present to prevent unnecessary distractions.

  • Also note that parental/guardian supervision of your child is required at all times.