Preparing for a successful pregnancy shoot

When to schedule

Schedule your shoot three to six weeks before your due date. Of course if you are closer than that we can be creative with scheduling to fit you in. Another option you may consider is to completed a recurring them each month throughout the pregnancy that will be stitched together to create a “timeline of memories” with the final image including your new born baby.

On the Day

  • Schedule your session for when you, your partner, and children (if they are going to be in the shoot) will be relaxed and rested - don’t forget to eat a light snack before the shoot.

  • Apply light and natural looking make-up to even out skin tones - trying to avoid too much eyeliner or eye shadow and hair should styled so that you are comfortable with it.

  • Mothers should bring a dark maternity skirt, and if available a black cardigan and/or  tank top, something to cover the breasts but still expose the belly

  • At least two hours prior to the shoot, please try to remove tight clothing – anything with elastic or straps which may leave marks on your skin.

  • Feel free to bring anything that you feel good in or want to be included in the photograph including clothing, flowers, jewellery etc – if not sure why not bring it along.

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