image Fashion & Model Photography

Everyone seems to have their own interpretation of the labels "fashion", "glamour" and "artistic"  when attached to photography, but no matter which label you apply there must be more than just pretty people wearing pretty clothes.

No mater what the genre I am always looking to capture images that reflect emotion, passion and mood.

Whether you are a model looking for new material for your portfolio, a designer looking for images to market your latest clothing or accessories or simply want funky and artistic portraits of yourself to hang on your wall, we can work together to capture the creativity and attitude that you want.

Of course, this means we do need to meet some time before your shoot  to find out more about who "you" are, hear about your vision, where you want to take it and then collaborate on a style that would fit.

When it comes to locations and themes the possibilities are endless - your home, the beach, favourite coffee shop, studio.......I am always on the lookout for collaborative ideas that allow me to work with like-minded models, makeup-artists and stylists to produce imaginative images - any theme that let's us create something beyond the expected - especially pin-up, retro and burlesque and other more 'theatrical' styles.